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Analyze and defragment your hard drive with this free utility
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With use, hard disks tend to fragment and become slower. Thus, it is advisable that we defragment our system's disk(s) at least once a week. This free program is offered by ConsumerSoft, a hard drive manufacturer, and lets you analyze and defragment your hard drive in an easy and fast way. From the main interface, you can choose the 'Analyze' function, which as its name implies, runs an analysis of your hard drive, indicating if it needs to be defragmented or not. Depending on the results of this analysis, you can proceed to defragment your drive simply by clicking on the 'Defragment' option. The program works fast in general, but take into account that its overall speed will depend on your disk's storage capacity and on its degree of fragmentation.
A very interesting function of the program is its Scheduler, that allows you to schedule an automatic defragmentation process. You can choose the period after which you want the program to defragment your drive. The predefined periods range from every week to every year. Also, you can set the day of the month and the moment in which the defragmentation will be carried out (at shutdown or at startup). In sum, although the program is very specialized in that it only carries out one single task, it can be very useful for maintenance purposes.

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